02. Januar 2023

Senior Frontend Developer (w/m/x)

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October 30, 2019

Impressions from Vue.js Barcamp Berlin

When we heard that there would be a Vue.js Barcamp this year in Berlin, we naturally decided to participate and sponsor the event. This is my journey through a weekend filled with inspiring sessions in a vibrant community.

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March 11, 2021

From design to code

Since 2020, we at Factorial do not only offer web development, but also conception and design for all kinds of web projects. And while in the past designing and developing websites has usually been a quite separate process, there are nowadays powerful tools for cooperation between designers and developers. At Factorial we try to make use of these tools as much as possible.

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23. Februar 2021

Wie wir Beruf und Privatleben unter einen Hut bringen

In unseren Bewerbungsgesprächen mit potenziellen zukünftigen Mitarbeitenden haben wir einen Running Gag: „Bei Factorial arbeitet jede/r flexibel und auf Abruf, und das nicht nur, wenn der Heizungszähler vorbeikommt“. Es ist uns wichtig, dass jeder Mitarbeitende die Möglichkeit hat, seine/ ihre familiäre Situation und seine/ ihre Freizeitaktivitäten in den Arbeitsalltag zu integrieren.

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Performance from a frontend perspective

What performance means in frontend development and how to quickly improve it

Performance can have a crucial impact on the revenue of a website – for many different reasons. Bad performance slows down your page which leaves most of the users unsatisfied and also runs the risk of being penalized by search engines. But in order to improve it, we first need to understand that from a frontend perspective performance can mean different things.