Website Standards Dashboard

If you think about technology the world is exploding in complexity. Large companies dispose of a great number of web based applications, often historically grown and difficult to standardise. While there are many tools on the market that monitor visits or performance we visualise your entire application landscape by putting the user experience in the center and showing key indicators such as accessibility, mobile friendliness, loading times, SEO as well as code quality. 

Manage & Track

Set up a new website  

Create a new project for every website of your portfolio. For each project you can choose different settings and tests if required.

Project Overview

See the performance of all your projects at a glance and compare results across projects. Drill into the project detail view to see a more in depth analysis. Graphs visually help to quickly spot issues.


Report errors

Get notified when errors occur and report them directly via your internal system to the responsible person. These reports contain a precise error description and helpful links to documentation and tutorials for troubleshooting.