Happy Holidays to all of you!

This season is about giving

Rather than spending our money on seasonal marketing activities we want to give something back to those we think have been left out this year. For this reason we will donate money to the Esche in Hamburg. Scroll down to find out more.  

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Image showing a collage of Christmas objects in the factorial style

How you can help us help others

This year, society has been affected by the impact of the pandemic, climate change, civil wars and other catastrophes once again. Especially the younger generations have been suffering under numerous lockdowns, homeschooling and other canceled leisure activities. For this reason we decided to support our locals rather than spending our money on seasonal greeting cards or other marketing activities. 

Instead, we’ll save the money and donate it to an organization called “Esche” in Hamburg Altona which helps kids and teenagers to express their creativity. And you can be a part of this! By sending us messages via the button below you support their work. Every message will be displayed on this page in the feed below and for every message received, we will increase our donation to the project by 15€ (Note: Initially we started with 5€ per message, but ended up with the decision to increase the amount). Deadline of submitting messages will be January 5th.

Send a Wish

image showing the logo of the Esche project in Hamburg

More about Esche

All donations will go to the organization Esche in Hamburg. Their team offers a great variety of creative classes and other leisure activities for kids and teenagers for free. Take a look at their current projects and support them. 

Visit their page here