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February 5, 2024 :

A weekend dedicated to Drupal CMS

For years, the last weekend in January has been a special one for the worldwide community behind the CMS system Drupal: The Global Contribution Weekend. Factorial has been a major contributor to the Drupal community for many years, so we hosted our own hybrid Global Contributi...

Image showing the official logo of the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2024
July 27, 2023 :

Drupal Developer Days 2023

Drupal Developer Days is one of the most important industry events of the year for the European Drupal community. Factorial attended this year’s edition of the event in Vienna and contributed to the programme with several presentations.

Image showing picture of a session with a couple of attendees at Drupal Developer Days in Vienna, Austria 2023
November 16, 2022 :

Splash Award for best Drupal project

After 2 years of pandemic restrictions, the latest edition of the Splash Awards Germany and Austria took place at our office. Not only were we able to host the event and invite all participants to Hamburg, we also won an Award in the category education for our project dpa-Fact...

Image showing the award ceremony of the 2022 edition of splash awards
October 20, 2022 :

New dates for the Drupal User Group Hamburg

The pandemic has put an end to many Drupal User Group events around the world. We at Factorial, like many others, miss the regular check-in with the community, which is why we will be reviving the User Group Hamburg with a recurring meetup, starting next week.

Image showing the logo of the drupal user group Hamburg
August 25, 2022 :

Splash Awards Germany 2022 announcement

After the last year’s edition of the German Splash Awards had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, we are happy to announce that we will host the Splash Awards Germany and Austria 2022’s award ceremony in our office in November.

Image showing twe Splash Awards trophies that Factorial won in previous Splash Awards' editions
August 15, 2022 :

Educational budget at Factorial

As part of our team values at Factorial, we want to encourage our colleagues to learn and increase their skills. This is a story of one of our team members using his educational budget to spend the summer in Denmark. 

Image showing the facade of the Copenhagen Business School
June 24, 2022 :

How it felt being back at Drupalcamp Spain

After three years of waiting, finally a Drupal event was held in Spain. It was taking place in Zaragoza from June 3rd to 5th 2022 and we at Factorial had the pleasure to sponsor the event within the philosophy of giving back to the community.

Image showing the logo of the drupalcamp Spain 2022
June 20, 2022 :

My first time at CSS Day 2022

It is Wednesday morning, the 8th of June and I am sitting on a train. My colleagues and I are Amsterdam bound, on our way to the 8th edition of CSS Day, a two day CSS conference and I am pretty damn excited.

Image showing the CSS Day logo in the Factorial colours
May 06, 2022 :

Sustainable web development

Climate change is real! In the face of increasingly noticeable climate change, we must do what is necessary to mitigate the impending catastrophe. As developers, we have a part to play in this.

Green IT Blog Image
April 8, 2022 :

Software testing: A helpful guide

Testing is one component in the overall quality assurance (QA) process that seeks to ensure that systems enter service without defects that can prevent any web project from being successfully launched.

Image showing a hot air balloon repaired with patches of different colors in order to not lose any air, illustrated in the factorial colors
February 11, 2022 :

Defining bundle fields in code

Fields in Drupal 9 can be defined in code, or they can be defined in configuration. Both techniques have their uses and advantages. Typically code fields apply to all bundles of the entity type, as so-called base fields, while config fields apply only to a single bundle.<...

Image showing example content that is displayed with the bundle fields command get Image () {}, get Headline () {} and get Text () {}
January 21, 2022 :

Celebrating holiday season differently

During the last holiday season we collected money for charity and involved our partners and colleagues. We were blown away by the incredible support we received and in the end we managed to collect 1.600€ that went directly to the Esche in Hamburg Altona.

Image showing a black and green banner that indicates the total don action amount of 1.600€
January 5, 2022 :

From Ottensen with love

We are a digital agency with a team spread across the globe. Yet we feel a strong connection to our roots and birthplace Ottensen and are as much homebound as we are international. 

From Ottensen with love, blog title and map
December 14, 2021 :

Contribution days at Factorial

This article highlights our recent announcement of introducing the contribution days to the factorial team. The contribution days will allow the team members to dedicate more time on their open source projects.

Image of a laptop with the contribution days announcement on the screen
November 26, 2021 :

How to approach UX and UI Design

There are numerous web pages out there giving advice for what to consider when talking about good user experience and meaningful user interfaces. It actually got to the point where it is hard to wrap your head around all the different opinions existing out there.

Image showing the Factorial lettering and each letter portrays another ux or ui principle
October 5, 2021 :

Developing and testing web components

This blog is a follow up from my previous article “Custom elements with Vue Reactivity”. Here I will be sharing my thoughts on the challenges I faced setting up development and unit testing environments, while not forgetting about accessibility concerns for a Web Components pr...

Developing and Testing Web-Components
July 12, 2021 :

A word of appreciation for Group’s sponsors

Last DrupalCon Europe, I advocated for more sustainable contribution. I had been struggling to come to terms with the amount of takers versus makers and instead of presenting yet another technical topic, I tried my hand at expressing my feelings instead. And here we are n...

Release of group module 8.x-1.4
July 7, 2021 :

Custom Elements with Vue Reactivity

The 13th Hamburg Vue.js Meetup was held last week, this time as an online live-stream due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. I was pleased to represent Factorial to share a talk on some insights on a small experiment in building Custom Elements with Vue 3.x’s standalone Rea...

Vue.JS Meetup
March 11, 2021 :

From design to code

Since 2020, we at Factorial do not only offer web development, but also conception and design for all kinds of web projects. And while in the past designing and developing websites has usually been a quite separate process, there are nowadays powerful tools for cooperation bet...

Blog Image FE
February 23, 2021 :

Balancing profession and private life

In our job interviews with potential future employees we have a running gag: “At Factorial everyone works flexibly and remotely, not only when the heating meter stops by”. It is important to us that every employee is given the opportunity to integrate his/her family situa...

HR Blogpost
November 30, 2020 :

Why you need DevOps in your team

Developers working on client projects are taking care of numerous tasks. When you think the list gets shorter, new things are added at the bottom. What is there to do in order to provide an infrastructure that lets them tackle their issues? There is an administrative aspe...

DevOps Blog
September 29, 2020 :

A story about how I joined Factorial

Year 2020 has been a weird one so far. Not only that due to the coronavirus our lives have been heavily restricted, but also the economic conditions have been affecting many people: Shops had to close and projects have been cancelled from one day to the next. And here am I: A ...

Niklas Blog Article Hero
September 10, 2020 :

Performance from a frontend perspective

Performance can have a crucial impact on the revenue of a website – for many different reasons. Bad performance slows down your page which leaves most of the users unsatisfied. But in order to improve it, we first need to understand that from a frontend perspective p...

Blog Image FE
August 20, 2020 :

Drupal Group module is finally released.

After having worked on the Drupal 8 version for almost 5 years, the Group module has finally got its 8.x-1.0 release. I am personally very proud of this major milestone and am not even a little bit disappointed it took me longer than Drupal 8’s lifecycle to build. 

Group Launch
June 22, 2020 :

Drupal CMS 9 feels like home

It’s been a few years now, but I still remember the first time I saw a freshly installed Drupal 7 after being familiar with version 6. Or after I installed Drupal 8 for the first time and a “Woooow” went through my mind. Everything seemed familiar and yet new. But it’s exactly...

Drupal 8 zu 9 Grafik
March 4, 2020 :

SVGs, Serverless and the Composition API

We sent a team to the Vue.js Amsterdam and Frontend Developer Love conference. In an ongoing series, our team is sharing what their takeaways are. Today, Julian Schäfer continues with: SVGs, Serverless and the Composition API.

Vue.js Amsterdam Lisa
March 3, 2020 :

A new perspective on ways of working

We sent a team to the Vue.js Amsterdam and Frontend Developer Love conference. In an ongoing series, our team is sharing what their takeaways are. Today Adrian Rosario starts with: A new perspective on ways of working.

Vue.js Amsterdam Adrian
June 30, 2017 :

VueConf 2017

In this blog article I share my impressions of the first international developer conference dedicated to the progressive JavaScript framework Vue.js.

VueConf 2017