November 16, 2022

Splash Award for best Drupal project

After 2 years of pandemic restrictions, the latest edition of the Splash Awards Germany and Austria took place as an in-person event at our office. Not only were we able to host the event and invite all participants to Hamburg, we also won an award in the category education for our project dpa-Factify.

Image showing logo of the Splash Awards Germany and Austria
Image showing the award ceremony of the 2022 edition of splash awards

Three Factorial projects honored

During the Splash Awards Germany and Austria 2022, taken place on November 10th, our project dpa-Factify was chosen to be among the winning projects and won the award in the category Education against other great projects. With dpa-Factify we build an e-learning platform that trains media professionals throughout Germany in dealing with false information for the German Press Agency (dpa). The platform helps the company to continue its important work of fact-based reporting and providing reliable information for the public.

The Splash Awards, originally founded in 2014 in the Netherlands, were held for the fifth time in Germany since 2017. In 2021 the awards had to be paused due to the global pandemic. This year, we at Factorial offered the organisation committee to host the event in our office in Hamburg. More than 20 agencies from all over Germany and Austria arrived in Hamburg to celebrate the best Drupal projects of both countries.

Already in previous years our projects have been awarded for digital excellence at the Splash Awards Germany and Austria, last time in 2019 for the information portal More than Scleroderma, providing important information about the disease for patients and their family members.

More information about the winning project can be found in our case study.

Two Runner ups for Healthcare and Non-Profit

In addition to the award mentioned above, two other from our submitted projects made it to second place, a so called Runner-up, in the following categories:

Our project Corporate Website Relaunch Böhringer Ingelheim won the Runner-up in the category of healthcare. The project summarises last year’s technical relaunch of the corporate website and highlights the successful implementation of a Global Domain Strategy which laid the foundation for the 46 country localisations that the company followed up with. 

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that our relaunch project of an internationally operating, ecological non-profit organisation gained awareness and was awarded the second place in the category of non-profit. This project, including a Drupal 9 upgrade, was also given the Honorary Mention Winner of Hearts.

Image showing the factorial team presenting their winner certificate of the Splash Awards 2022 Germany and Austria

Takeaways from Splash Awards 2022

Speaking of the Splash Awards and the very first in-person event we have to say that it was an important event for the German and Austrian Drupal communities. This was not only due to the fact that representatives of various companies promoting Drupal had the chance to exchange about current topics but also because it sent a strong signal to the world. That the German and Austrian Drupal community is present and it will continue its efforts to contribute to the global Drupal community. Moreover, with all three projects on the winner’s podium, we at Factorial were able to demonstrate the excellence of our team to the committee and to ourselves. We can’t wait for next year to submit new and exciting projects.

Credit to the image (top) goes to Jonas Neugebauer

Image showing a portrait of our employee Niklas with his white Factorial t-shirt

Niklas Franke

Digital Marketing Manager