A weekend dedicated to Drupal CMS

For years, the last weekend in January has been a special one for the worldwide community behind the CMS system Drupal: The Global Contribution Weekend. Every year on this date, the world’s second largest open source community comes together to contribute to Drupal, extend module functionalities, fix bugs and advance various initiatives. Factorial has been a major contributor to the Drupal community for many years, so we hosted our own hybrid Global Contribution Weekend event to support the idea once again.

Image showing the official logo of the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend 2024

A local Drupal event in Hamburg

For the Global Contribution Weekend, we opened the doors of our office space to allow members of the Drupal community to come and collaborate in person. On both days, about a dozen people joined us and contributed to Drupal. As hosts of the local Drupal user group for Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, we have hosted in-person events in the past. Alongside the hosted event in Berlin for the local community, we provided the only other Drupal event in Germany during this year’s edition of Global Contribution Weekend.

The outcome

Two days of contributing and collaborating — we achieved a lot together with the local community during the Drupal Global Contribution Weekend. After collecting everyone’s work, we were impressed by the amount of contribution we ended up with — not only in terms of issues worked on, but also in terms of pushing several module releases. 


As for module releases, we’ve been able to update a number of modules to Drupal 10. In addition, some modules maintained by our Factorial colleagues have been pushed to a new release. See the full list below:



Revision Graph

Entity Form Mode (Drupal 10 Update)

Paragraphs Grid (Drupal 10 Update)

VOTE! (Drupal 10 Update)

Issues worked on

Besides the new releases, we also spent time on several issues related to Drupal modules as well as issues related to Drupal core. With our work, we were able to prepare certain modules for upcoming releases and also support local initiatives. Interestingly, we did a lot of non-code contributions during the weekend. Here’s the list of things we worked on:

Group: Implement the new access policy API

Autotagger: Improve project page

Core: Computed field cacheability

Advanced Queue: Add support for unique jobs

German Drupal Website : German Translations

Drupal Business e.V.: Content update

Continuous community efforts regarding Drupal

We at Factorial have been committed to the Drupal community for many years (read more about our work with Drupal here). As a Premium Supporting Partner and Gold Member of the Drupal Association, we are happy to contribute to the open source community. Through this event, we supported individual efforts to advance Drupal, as well as giving the local community a chance to come together and share ideas. We thank everyone who attended and look forward to returning in 2025.

Image showing a portrait of our employee Niklas with his white Factorial t-shirt

Niklas Franke

Digital Marketing Manager