Image showing a person from the back wearing a black backback with a white badge on it saying "facts matter"

Declaring war on dis­infor­mation

Image showing the platform factify by dpa on different device screens (phone, desktop, tablet)
Image showing a visualized process of the kick-off workshop of the dpa factify project with Factorial
Image showing a user interview where one of our colleagues talks via video call with a user.
Image showing the results of the feature mapping workshop as part of the project process
Image showing a graph where numerous logos of technologies and frameworks are displayed. The logos of drupal and vueJS are the only ones displayed in colors to highlight, these two frameworks have been selected.
Image showing the wireframe of the information architecture for the platform dpa factify during the project process
Image showing insights of the platform dpa-factify and highlighting several features
Image showing a video player as part of the features of the project
Image showing the link lists as well as content summaries that can be downloaded from the platform dpa factify
Image showing some interactive elements as part of the features of the platform
Image showing the single-sign-on feature of dpa factify
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