January 12, 2023

Award for being a family friendly company

We at Factorial have been awarded with the ‘Hamburger Familiensiegel’ for being a family friendly company. The award was given by the Hamburg Senate, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts. Factorial is now among over 400 companies in Hamburg which have been granted with the award.

Digital Version of Hamburg family seal
Digital version of Hamburg family seal

A seal for enabling family and work

Since 2007 the ‘Hamburger Familiensiegel’, the Hamburg family seal is given to companies that support the compatibility of work and family life. The so called Hamburg alliance for families, an initiative by the Hamburg Senate, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (IHK) and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts (HWC), aims to to promote family-friendly policies in companies. Over 400 companies in Hamburg with more than 40.000 employees have been awarded with the ‘Hamburger Familiensiegel’ until today.

After going through an extensive evaluation procedure where several colleagues of the Factorial team have been interviewed by a representative of the Hamburg alliance for families, the seal for being a family friendly company has been given to us during this week. The seal underlines our efforts to support our colleagues in avoiding to cut short on family related matters while pursuing a professional career. We are very happy to announce that our efforts were confirmed by the Hamburg initiative.

More information about the initiative can be found here.

Our continuous effort

At Factorial we are putting much effort into a healthy balance between profession and private life. Because we think that people should be able to take care of their loved ones without missing out on professional career. In addition, when there is enough time to sort out the private matters, there is more focus on work, when it’s needed to be. For this reason, we provide the following things to support our team in this matter: 

  • Flexible working hours: Whenever the meetings and daily business allow it, we let our team work when it suits them best. This way, we can make sure that everyone works in the most comfortable and efficient way. 
  • Leading positions, despite part time work: Why should private matters hinder our colleagues from being in leading positions. Neglecting someone’s capabilities only due to limited availability is not who we are.
  • Remote work: Being forced to come to the office everyday, although there are personal matters to take care of at home, doesn’t sound like us. We want to enable our team to get everything sorted out. For this reason, our colleagues can work from home as much as they choose, if their tasks allow it.

Learn more about us and how we work here.

Image showing a portrait of our employee Niklas with his white Factorial t-shirt

Niklas Franke

Digital Marketing Manager