September 9, 2022

First time Beyond Tellerrand Conference Berlin

A week ago we took our whole design unit to the Beyond Tellerrand conference in Berlin. As a Gold Sponsor of this year’s event we were also representing Factorial with our own expo booth. Here are some takeaways from the event.

Image showing the logo of the Beyond Tellerrand conference

About the event

Some of our colleagues have already visited previous editions of the Beyond Tellerrand, which usually takes place twice a year. Due to the pandemic, the events of 2022 were the first held in person again after two years of virtual conferences.

When we heard about our colleagues previous experiences with the event, we were curious and decided to attend the September edition in Berlin. It turned out that curiosity is exactly what you need when visiting the Beyond Tellerrand conference. What Marc, the man in charge who lit the spark for the events, has built up is impressive. Two days full of inspiring talks and connecting with interesting people. We had a lot of fun at our expo booth, inviting people for a game of table football, being creative with Lego or just stopping by for a little chat.

A very special reunion

What made the event even more memorable for us was the fact that two of our new colleagues who joined the Factorial team spent their very first days with us at the conference. What a great start to jump into your new job! Especially when you work remotely from Berlin, but still have the chance to meet your whole unit in person, as in the case of our new team member Niharika. For me personally, the occasion framed a perfect first team event for the growing Factorial design unit. Let’s hope that many more moments like these are waiting for us.

Image showing a group picture of the factorial team at their expo booth during Beyond Tellerrand conference 2022 in Berlin.
Image showing a portrait of our UI designer Annika

Annika Fritsch