June 24, 2022

How it felt being back at Drupalcamp Spain

After three years of waiting, finally a Drupal event was held in Spain. It could have been called “The Drupalcamp of the reunion” and of course our fellow Drupalers living in Spain could not miss the event. It was taking place in Zaragoza from June 3rd to 5th 2022 and we at Factorial had the pleasure to sponsor the event within the philosophy of giving back to the community.

Image showing a group picture of all participants who attended the drupalcamp Spain 2022 in Zaragoza

This year’s event consisted of a business day on Friday. Business representatives were able to share their experiences and concerns. The Saturday and Sunday days consisted of talks, workshops with a more practical approach and BOF (birds of a feather) to talk in a relaxed way about different topics of interest. Some of the talks we enjoyed the most were not completely focused on Drupal such as “Think out of the box” by @niteman and also a brief introduction to ADR “Increase the performance of the team with ADR” by @isholgueras.

It was a weekend where we reunited with old acquaintances and we were also introduced to some new Drupalers who are just starting out. And above all, we could see that the Drupal community is in very good health given the fact that more than 300 people joined the event.

Meeting the drupal community in person again

These kinds of events are very intense, both for the high quality of most of the talks, which makes the attendees want to go to all of them, and for the conversations that arise during the breaks or in the corridors when you change rooms. The desire to share and help others is something very common within the Drupal community and it is very common for people to share their experiences on how they are solving a certain problem and for others to add their opinion on how they would improve the solution.

During the event, we attended several very interesting talks that can improve some aspects of our work and one of our colleagues gave a talk in which he shared some tips on how to improve efficiency in our day to day work with Drupal. Our teammate giving the talk said that it was really fun to make a session again after so much time far off the stage because of the lack of in person events. You can find the slides to the session here, soon also the whole talk (in Spanish) will be available here.

Another important contribution for the Drupalcamp is made by the assemblies of the Spanish Drupal Association. The association is a non-profit organisation that looks after the interests of developers and has as its main mission the organisation of the Drupalcamp. One of our colleagues has been on the board for 8 years and says that the Drupalcamp has been an injection of energy to continue doing those events with enthusiasm.

Every person attending the event experienced a different story and would highlight one aspect above all others. We asked our colleagues who participated in the Drupalcamp to share a couple of words about their experience with us and this is what they answered:

David: DrupalCamp Spain 2022 has boosted my desire to continue growing with Drupal.

Borja: It was a very good experience and different from what I remembered when people met again after a long time.

Alvaro: Knowledge is one of the few things in the world that you accumulate when you share everything you have with others. I return, as always, with much more than I had when I arrived.

All in all, it was a great experience that we hope to repeat every year. It showed that the Drupal community in Spain is alive and worth the awareness it receives in the world. Also we at Factorial see the importance of it and highly encourage the exchange. In the meantime, we will keep seeing each other at DrupalCons, DrupalDays or in the Slack channel.

Image showing a portrait of Alvaro, one of Factorial's colleagues

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