Image showing a palm tree, a laptop and a surf board, illustrated in the factorial colors and made out of building bricks
Image showing a palm tree, a laptop and a surfboard, illustrated in the factorial colors and made out of building bricks

Factorial Offsite Camp in Ericeira, Portugal

In less than two weeks, from April 24th to April 30th we are taking the team to a company offsite in Portugal! We are very excited to spend a week full of workshops and team building activities at the Atlantic coast. This will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better, continue to shape our culture and develop a shared understanding of Factorial’s strategies and values. Read more about what led us to the decision and how the program looks like.

Why we are doing this

We at Factorial follow a ‚remote first‘ approach in our work as a digital agency. This means that every event and meetup we are doing, will include a digital way in order to make it accessible for the team. This is due to the fact that almost half of our staff is working remotely on a permanent basis, from all over the globe. We’ve been working like this long before the pandemic started. Still we love to plan on site events and meetups which, for obvious reasons, hasn’t been easy the past 2 years.

This offsite event will be an opportunity to finally meet in person again and for some of us for the first time! It is our chance of reuniting and growing together to shape the future of Factorial. This became especially important for the team that, only within 6 years, grew from 3 freelancing developers who founded Factorial, to more than 50 colleagues from all over the world. An event of this size has never happened in the history of our company. We are counting the days and couldn’t be more happy.

In the years of the pandemic alone, another 15 employees from different countries joined the team without meeting even once in person. That represents one third of the entire workforce! We are therefore looking forward to the time we will spend together in Portugal — because a team event of this size has never happened in the history of our company.

About the program

With this offsite event we hope to not only align ourselves but also to connect with the team on a much deeper level and shape the future of Factorial. During our stay in Ericeira, Portugal the team will collaboratively work on a variety of topics. In general our offsite program will include the following workshops and activities:

Mission, vision and company values

We have grown to a company with more than 50 employees from all over the globe. 6 years ago, the whole journey started with 3 independent developers, sharing the same ideas. With this workshop we want to invite our team to contribute their understanding of Factorial so we can keep being a place everyone enjoys working at.

Strategic alignment

In close collaboration with our leads, we have developed a couple of strategies in order to be ready for all upcoming challenges that we face with Factorial. In this workshop we want to present our ideas to the team to let them know where we stand and where we are heading. 


The most exciting hackathon in the history of Factorial awaits us. We will get the whole team involved to engage in certain tasks that are directed to the overall topic of Happiness at Factorial.

Working on the system

During this workshop we will evaluate a couple of internal processes and clarify, together with the team, how we want to collaborate. Part of this will be a discussion about our meeting ethics, our onboarding process when welcoming new employees as well as how we can learn as a company from feedback we received.

Open Sessions

Sharing knowledge with the colleagues is one of our key values we stand for at Factorial. For this reason, we host the open sessions so that we can learn from each other’s expertise and have a change in perspective once in a while. 

Maybe you join us on our next offsite?

We are looking for talented and creative minds to join our team! Check the link below to see our current job openings — and maybe we’ll see each other on our next offsite camp?

Our jobs

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Niklas Franke

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