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Website Standards Dashboard

Der Blick in den digitalen Maschinenraum

Große Unternehmen haben eine unübersichtliche Landschaft aus zahlreichen Websites und Touchpoints. Diese komplexen Systeme sind über die Jahre historisch gewachsen, was die Schwierigkeit erhöht, sie übergreifend zu standardisieren. Mittlerweile haben sich viele Dashboards etabliert, um Kennzahlen wie Nutzerverhalten, Abrufe, Bestellungen und Zahlungen übersichtlich darzustellen. Doch diese Metriken identifizieren nur Parameter, die für das Geschäft relevant sind.


The search for dream jobs throughout Germany

stellenwerk is a careers platform for students and young professionals. It is officially partnered with 18 universities throughout Germany, providing each of them with their own portals. The career platform’s portals have up to 2.6 million online visits a month in total. Our job was to optimise the platform’s architecture with its 15 individual domains – to lay foundations that are secure and stable enough for the future expansion of stellenwerk. 


All important news at a glance

Development of a central and user-friendly platform for the services and tools offered by the German Press Agency (Deutsche Presse-Agentur). The platform is designed to provide fast, straightforward access to the relevant dpa offers including dpa-Select and dpa-Agenda.


Always the first to know

Taking an outdated prototypical service and developing into the appealing, real-time core service dpa-Select. The dpa delivers all the relevant news to its business customers from its dpa outlets in real time, filtered according to the user’s individual interests. 



Access to the really exclusive content

Create a premium content section for the publisher Gruner + Jahr, designated for paid content. The new product STERN PLUS offers users the best of the magazine STERN – available digitally, anytime and anywhere, with daily news, exclusive stories and insightful reports. Content that can be both read and listened to, completely free of advertising.