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Takeover of technical support

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Based in Munich, Germany, Occhio has been manufacturing lighting products for over 20 years and has become the market leader for high quality designer lighting in Germany. The company’s ambition to expand into new markets led it to look for a technology partner to manage its digital system. This would need to be continually developed with new features to provide technical support for the company as it continues to grow.


Increase in sales since the beginning of the cooperation

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Technical consulting, Frontend development, Backend development, DevOps, Project management


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The previous system landscape consisted of many different systems and had little modularity. In addition, the confusing administration area needed to be simplified in order to provide an optimal basis for the company’s further growth. Besides some optimisations, such as the conversion to server-side rendering and the integration of various applications into the Drupal system, further features were to be implemented successively. For these interactive features, various interface connections had to be made. This included, for example, the technical basis for the customer registration process.

In the course of the collaboration, various projects were mastered. The migration to Kubernetes resulted in a redundant, scalable and fail-safe hosting infrastructure that works perfectly even under heavy load. The warranty form provided supports Occhio in targeting customers via an online registration tool for a free extension to a 5-year warranty and extends Occhio’s existing customer retention measures. In addition, some technical optimisations were made in the area of application integration, as well as SEO optimisation of the website by porting it to Nuxt.js and its SSR, which significantly increased the company’s digital visibility.

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Feature overview

  • Storefinder: With the Storefinder, a clear technical solution was created for the localisation of the more than 400 certified partner stores requested by the partner, which can now be found via an interactive search on the website.
  • Chinese localisation: Adapting the content and language of the website for localisation in the Chinese market is a key part of the company’s global strategy and lays the foundations for further expansion into new markets.
  • Microsite Lightstream event: The technical support for the Lightstream Event microsite enabled a digitised offering for the public presentation of the new products, as well as sales and marketing concepts for partners. This included the implementation of a pre-event site where partners could pre-register for the event, as well as the development of a microsite that provided the technical foundation for the event and through which partners could register using a personalised user login with a connection to Salesforce.
  • Occhio+: The Occhio+ offering expands the portfolio to include lighting design for entire office complexes and buildings. As a result, Occhio is increasingly active in the B2B sector, offering comprehensive lighting solutions to companies, architects and other players in the construction industry.
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