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With technology, design and consulting, we have been supporting you since 2015 in turning the digital opportunities in your markets into measurable profits. Together we transform your company and business model, your products and services digitally.

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About Factorial

We’re hungry for all things new and believe in working in an interdisciplinary way. We watch to see and understand the digital transformation trends shaping the future of commerce and wider society. Markets, consumer habits, user behaviour… they’re all changing at lightning speed. We have deep insights into these shifts, and can use them to develop digital communication strategies that you can then put straight to work for your business. We’re convinced that companies in the process of digital transformation need one thing above all else: a technology partner by their side that can program outstanding solutions in fluid environments using an agile and flexible approach.

We’re more than 50 experts overall, all striving together to achieve new heights of excellence. Each member of our team brings a different field of expertise to the table. And together we have many years of experience realising digital transformation in many different contexts. Be it from a technological, creative or strategic point of view, or specialised in project management or marketing. In 2019 we decided to shift our focus more towards creativity and strategy as well. In direct response to the fact that our digital transformation clients are focusing more and more on the customer centricity of their project and business processes – and ultimately on a seamless customer experience at all their touchpoints.

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Our management

Volkan Jacobsen

Volkan studied Communication Science, graduating from university in the Netherlands and going on to live in France for a period. He’s been a developer for 14 years now, and has more than 6 years’ experience working exclusively with Drupal. His real area of expertise is backend development – always demonstrating a good eye for design and a feel for usability. For many years, Volkan worked exclusively for NGOs and internationally renowned museums, including the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and the Center for International Development in Nijmegen.

Stephan Maximilian Huber

After completing an apprenticeship as a typesetter, Stephan took a degree in Visual Communication. Over the last 20 years he’s focused more and more on the conception and programming of digital media. With Drupal, among others, for over 15 years now. During his time as a freelancer, Stephan gained considerable experience working on international brands for top agencies. He’s worked for the likes of Art+Com (Berlin), Mutabor (Hamburg) and Sagmeister + Walsh (New York), as well as for brands such as Telekom, Audi and BMW.

Milan Matull

Milan used to develop solutions for the music industry at L’Age D’Or, the record label behind Hamburg-based bands like Tocotronic and Die Sterne. He went on to co-found Two Antennas where he realised the UI design and frontend. Milan was also a partner and developer at Startup Listgeeks and has freelanced for well-known Hamburg agencies working on international brands. He’s one of the three founders of Factorial, where he’s worked for many years as the Lead Consultant Developer. Currently, he’s in charge of IT Consulting and Creation.

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