August 15, 2022

Educational budget at Factorial

As part of our team values at Factorial, we want to encourage our colleagues to learn and increase their skills. This is a story of one of our team members using his educational budget to spend the summer in Denmark. 

Image showing the facade of the Copenhagen Business School
Image showing the facade of the Copenhagen Business School

The idea of educational budget

We at Factorial believe that every employee at our company should have the opportunity to continue their own education in order to actively work on their career. For this reason, we grant every team member an amount of 1,500 Euros every year to visit conferences, participate in workshops or take additional classes. With this budget we hope to provide support so that our team can thrive and engage with topics of interest that help us do better. Our team uses this opportunity in many different ways — and one example comes from Niklas, our Digital Marketing Manager.

Niklas spent the last six weeks to participate in two university classes at Copenhagen Business School and took the opportunity to move to the danish capital for this time period. Taking the classes two days a week and spending the rest of the days working part time for Factorial gave him the chance to extend his knowledge in two fields of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications as well as Introduction to Gamification and Behavior Management, without the necessity of taking time off or reducing his salary.

HR Seda

Seda Ülgen

Our People and Culture Manager Seda will be happy to help you. Call us if you would like to know more about us and this offer.
Image showing one of our colleagues working in front of his desktop

How it started

‘First, it was only an idea in my head a couple of months ago. I wanted to combine the idea of learning with my desire of gaining international experience. After spending the whole year in Germany so far (not taking into account the week I spent with the team in Ericeira, Portugal, during our offsite camp), working almost the entire time from home, I also had the urge of seeing something different. I was very glad that Factorial accepted my proposal after approaching them.’

Image showing the street of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

What I ended up with

‘Not only two months after that I was already in Copenhagen, participating in the International Summer School Programme at Copenhagen Business School. It was interesting to experience this program, meeting people from all over the world and in between a couple of other participants that had the same idea that I had. What followed were six weeks full of learning, exploring and discovering.’

‘I am very glad that I made use of my educational budget in a way that it not only met my urge to extend my knowledge but also helped me to gain more international experience and get to not many inspiring people. A special thanks goes to Dr. Maxwell Winchester and Fernando Amigo Quintana for guiding us through the class material. Having learned these things motivates me a lot to see how I can implement them at Factorial. There are exciting times ahead. ’ 

Closing remarks

Seeing our colleagues using their educational budget to level up, assures us that we are ready for all upcoming challenges. We can only encourage every company to provide the necessary tools so that your teams can stay ahead. If you ask us, this goes far beyond people learning new things. It also includes trust and creates an atmosphere where everyone can rise above.