October 5, 2018

Takeaways from Vue.js London 2018

Factorial took part in the London conference for our favourite JavaScript framework.

Vue.js London

Compared to last year in Wroclaw, we packed our bags as a team of four and also joined some of the workshops on Thursday. Here are my main take aways.

Using Jest as default test runner instead of AVA

I participated in the Testing Vue Applications from Start to Finish workshop from Edd Yerburgh. That was conducted very well, and gave in-depth knowledge of advanced testing methods. As a result will likely ditch AVA in favour of Jest.

Evaluating TypeScript once more

Daniel Rosenwasser gave his talk on TypeScript and Vue: Bridging the Gaps and it showed us what’s currently possible with TypeScript in Vue and how powerful the complimentary tooling has become. We will re-evaluate TypeScript in Vue once more and have it in serious contention.

VisualStudio Code is ubiquitous

Anecdotical, but hey. In an auditorium of 1000 devs, my guesstimate is at least 800 raised their hands when asked weather they are using VS code. I’ve been reluctant to follow the herd, but they might be on to something. Maybe the tooling is just that much better. I’ll give it one more try.

The future of Vue.js is exciting

Evan You gave a remote talk about the future of Vue core. Vue 3 will adapt TypeScript internally, will modularise it’s components so contributions can be made with more confidence, will rework it’s reactivity system using Proxies, will aim for a build target size of 10KB/gzip.

Additional Ressources

Happy Coding!

Milan Matull

Milan Matull

Managing Partner