October 5, 2018

Takeaways from Vue.js London 2018

Vue.js London
Drupal Blog Image
June 16, 2017

An open Friday regarding Drupal

On May 12th our development team joined comm-press for an open Friday. A great opportunity to exchange ideas, workflows and ongoing solutions.


Splash Award 2019
26. April 2019

Der Splash Award

Erfahrungsbericht über unseren ersten gewonnenen Open Source Award.

Slide: We are united by our passion for technical excellence. We love open source technology. We live new work
February 19, 2020

Vue Meetup Hamburg at Factorial

In this blog post you find a quick recap of the given talks at this year’s Vue Meetup Hamburg at the Factorial office and check out the code for yourself.

Drupal 8 zu 9 Grafik
June 22, 2020

Drupal CMS 9 feels like home

It’s been a few years now, but I still remember the first time I saw a freshly installed Drupal 7 after being familiar with version 6. Or after I installed Drupal 8 for the first time and a “Woooow” went through my mind. Everything seemed familiar and yet new. But it’s exactly this wow effect that’s missing when upgrading from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9. And that’s a good thing.