February 19, 2020

Vue Meetup Hamburg at Factorial

Earlier this month Factorial had the opportunity to host the Vue Meetup. Another evening full of meeting new people and sharing knowledge. We’d like to thank the 50+ participants for spending that evening with us. Here you can find a quick recap of the given talks and checkout the code for yourself.

“Overcoming Technology Bias: or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tailwind”.


Slide: We are united by our passion for technical excellence. We love open source technology. We live new work

Milan (Managing Partner @ Factorial) :

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first approach for writing custom design systems. I had some serious concerns about its adoption within our company. In my improvised talk I’m going over the process of challenging your own bias towards new technology.

Meetup Talk: „Handle users in your Nuxt application with Firebase“


Slide: Julian Schäfer, Frontend Developer @ Factorial

Julian (Frontend Developer @ Factorial)

  • Mostly when people talk about Nuxt, they are talking about Server Side Rendering or Static Site Generators.
  • But Nuxt also provides superpowers for client-only Single Page Applications. It gives you a very nice predefined structure, that tells you where parts of your application belong.
  • And a lot of stuff is getting abstracted away from you and happens out of the box, like routing or integration of a vuex store. That means less mental load for you and more focus on the important things.

To demo this, we’ve wanted to manage users in a Nuxt application with an external baas (backend as a service). We’ve used Firebase and focused on their authentication part.

Step by step we’ve tackled how to use plugins, the vuex store, the router or router middleware to achieve user authentication with Firebase in a Nuxt application.

Wrap up

Once again we are happy for the ongoing conversation of our favorite frontend library.
We are looking forward to remain a part in the local Vue community.

Julian Schäfer

Julian Schäfer

People Lead Frontend Development