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Cross-media, independent, reliable

Client: Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) | www.dpa.com

Professionals working in all sections of the media rely on the fast, cross-channel, reliable, independent and impartial news provided by the “Deutsche Presse-Agentur”. The dpa also makes its journalistic products available to corporate customers in a systematic way. They can use dpa-Agenda to locate specific topics and pinpoint dates as they plan their future reporting schedules.

It also lets communications departments and PR agencies find out what will be dominating editorial coverage in the media over the coming weeks. dpa-Agenda is the ideal tool for them to plan and prepare the content they will be covering, as well as events and press appointments. We at Factorial were asked to replace the old monolithic system with a more flexible and user-friendly system.


Dates & topics in one single application


Development of one component library


Personalized content for all users

Speed achieved through simplification

Factorial advised the in-house frontend development team and also helped to program and implement a flexible solution for the platform. Introducing an agile, MVP-based approach meant that time and costs could be saved while integrating a wide variety of different functionalities right from the outset. Focus was placed on optimising interfaces using the appropriate technologies, reducing the complexity of the overall system, and thus increasing its speed in the process.

We worked on the development of a dpa design kit, which categorised all design and interface components, making them standardized and easily scalable for all team members. Factorial provided the technical platform, as well as laying the foundation stone for a component library.

DPA Agenda Body
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