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Client: Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) |

The remit: taking an outdated prototypical service and developing into the appealing, real-time core service dpa-Select. The aim now was to develop the service, which was originally conceived for desktop applications, with a focus on making it user-friendly for mobile usage too. Factorial advised the dpa team and, working together, we developed both a concept and a design for the new service, and then programmed the frontend.

Central to the project: Mobile optimisation

The dpa delivers all the relevant news to its business customers from its dpa outlets in real time, filtered according to the user’s individual interests. Having selected the subjects and issues they want to keep up to date on, users then get all the relevant ad-hoc news pushed to their mobile device. This up-to-the-minute “breaking news” gives users a time advantage in their specific field of work and can help when it comes to making quick decisions inside a company. 

Single sign-on

Connection to other dpa services


Personalisation of all contents

Mobile first

Application implemented for mobile use

Customisation and an intuitive user interface

The previous version was not user-friendly and did not allow for personalised user content. Providing a cost-effective service wasn’t feasible either using the clunky and outdated architecture. We involved the users in the product development process. This helped us to come up with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which centres around the features that users are looking for and which allows them to switch seamlessly to other dpa services.

The standards already put in place during the dpa-Agenda project saved a lot of time here. The new mobile application allows content to be personalised – by pre-selecting interests and subjects. Moreover, users can now receive e-mail and push notifications in real time using their dpa ID. 

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