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We develop excellent technologies

What we expect of our work? To deliver what your target audiences have come to expect aesthetically and culturally, with state-of-the-art digital products that truly inspire them. Excellent technologies are the essential ingredient required to achieve this.

We Love Drupal, Tailwind CSS, Symfony, Vue.js
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About us

We want to be your perfect partner

We’re a digital agency with a tech-savvy team. With the just right blend of technology and design, we can help you turn the digital opportunities in your markets into measurable profits.

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Working with Factorial

We’re an interdisciplinary team with a ton of experience in all different disciplines involved in successful digital transformation.

Design & Kreation
UI and UX Design

We create digital platforms

We put on our design glasses and engage our creative mindsets – for meaningful and inspiring digital platforms that catch the eye and make for unique customer experiences.

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We keep the end goal in our sights

We believe in working very closely with our clients from day one. We see ourselves as a strategic partner in the truest sense, guiding you through every stage of the development process.