We develop excellent technologies

What do we expect from our work? We turn your strategic goals into reality and create the best possible state-of-the-art customer experiences to engage your audiences. To achieve this, excellent use of technology is essential.

Working together

Our approach: We love code

We accompany digital transformation

We are your agency partner for the provision of complex solutions. We not only develop innovative technologies, but also translate them into aesthetically successful and impressive digital customer experiences. Our innovative software solutions deliver the answer to your individual communication and performance goals, delight your customers and drive the digital transformation of your business model. 

We develop web software from start to finish. In doing so, we draw on a wide range of digital tools that enable major efficiency gains for your digital business model due to their flexibility and modularity. We combine expertise in frontend and backend, work in the most modern programming languages and systems and offer you our experience to realize your digital business strategy.

 We Love Drupal, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Symfony, Vue.js

Our heart beats for Open Source

We rely on open source technologies in our daily work and see ourselves as special experts in the field of Drupal. The content management system presents itself as extremely robust and modular and is constantly being further developed by an international community. As part of the open source community, we are actively involved in the further development of the technologies and support them with sponsoring and code contributions. In addition to Drupal, Laravel, Vue.js and many other technologies, we also develop our own tools based on open source.

Our scope of work

The right CMS makes the difference

Content management systems provide the infrastructure to create, curate, organise and publish content across multiple applications and channels. We believe in Drupal as a core framework. With Drupal it is possible to hold all the strings in your hand and integrate seamlessly into heterogeneous system landscapes. Drupal has everything it takes to handle complex web projects.

  • Flexible, modular, object-oriented architecture
  • Approve, review and publish workflows for easy business modelling
  • Interfaces like REST API, JSON API or GraphQL
  • Performance-first: intelligent caching and seamless CDN integration
  • Enterprise-first: We are Acquia Focus Partner


Digitization is advancing — and with it the opportunities to develop products and services in the digital environment. The focus is on creative and technological solutions for an optimal customer experience. We support you in the development of individual content and e-commerce solutions and ensure that you can market your offerings profitably.

Business applications

Digitalized applications are also being used more and more in the area of business processes. Whether it is a matter of mapping complex systems or sub-processes, such as the automated creation of an invoice: we develop customized solutions for your problem. In doing so, we not only draw on existing approaches, but can also develop new applications based on your requirements. 

Design systems and user interfaces

Design systems transfer company-wide design guidelines (CI/ CD) into a component-based, systematic approach and thus ensure an optimal display and user experience for all end devices. We use Vue to transform design systems into flexible and combinable front-end and back-end components. Whether mobile first or progressive enhancement for older devices — we scale the solutions from simple widgets to fully developed enterprise software and are able to react to changing requirements and adapt the deployment accordingly. The focus is on a consistent brand experience and a seamless user experience. 

Integration and networking

The integration of complex, heterogeneous system landscapes is becoming increasingly important. Here, the relevance of the “single source of truth” is increasing. This principle is based on a universally valid database which, as a single interface in the system, provides all content reliably and in high quality for all applications. We connect your system landscape to enterprise resource planning, CRM, ERP or PIM systems such as Amazon Web Services, Datev, Mautic, Salesforce, Veeva, Shopping APIs or Analytics. At the same time, we ensure that all content can also be processed by other systems and help with the migration of data.


No matter if it is about Intranets, Big Data or Knowledge Bases: Complex web applications need a well-functioning search as interface element of first choice. We develop complex search interfaces based on ApacheSolr or ElasticSearch that support advanced features. For example: auto-completion, location-based search, fuzzy-search, faceted search or dynamic prioritization of search terms.

System Architecture and Hosting

Whether development, staging or production: Web applications are becoming increasingly complex. We support you in designing and planning operational concepts and system architectures. Using virtualization technologies, containers and microservices, we ensure a modular and uniform environment for all the players and phases involved in a project, so that frictional losses are minimized.

Technical SEO & Analytics 

The exponential growth of digital content requires that this content is not only relevant and appealing to your target groups, but also machine-readable for Google and other content aggregators. Only the indexing of the content ensures that it can be found unerringly. We implement all relevant standards (including metatags, JSON-LD, accessibility) to make your content optimally usable for humans and machines.

Success only becomes visible when it becomes measurable. Hypotheses and strategies need to be constantly reviewed to adapt the digital strategy to the changing behaviours of the target groups. We connect your digital products to solutions such as Google Analytics or Adobe Experience Cloud and thus enable seamless tracking of user behaviour while complying with all data protection aspects.

Identify risks and seize opportunities

We have developed Website Standards Dashboard to monitor the technical KPIs of your web applications and detect sources of error early on. This allows us to comply with current standards, find vulnerabilities and optimise content to maximise your business potential. With WSD, you can bring your web applications up to the latest web standards and benefit from better performance, accessibility, a higher SEO score and up-to-date security guidelines!

Test Website Standards
Website Standards Dashboard Screen

Quality assurance & automation

The digital transformation increases the pressure on all digital products to adapt to changing consumer requirements. To provide the user with an optimal experience at all times and to avoid frustration, permanent quality assurance is required. No software project is perfect, but how errors are handled has a major impact on the success of a project. We focus on strict adherence to best practices and coding standards. Pair programming and code reviews are part of our developers’ daily toolkit to eliminate bugs and build knowledge. We start small with automated unit tests and for all relevant parts of the programme.

For example, using Behat, PHPUnit, Cypress, TestCafe, Jest, Puppeteer. Integration tests check that different components work together smoothly, and end-to-end tests check the real user experience and find hidden bugs. We automatically test and deploy new software releases using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and integrate tools such as Gitlab CI, Bitbucket or Jenkins to support a successful launch. We aggregate centralised log messages from production environments and continuously monitor them for 100% uptime.

Our community contribution

The exchange and promotion of the open source community is close to our heart, because through common solutions we can help to determine the technology of tomorrow and continuously challenge ourselves. We are involved here, for example, through code talks, diverse sponsoring and code contributions, and thus make our contribution to the progress and continued existence of the ecosystems. Visit our profiles on Github and Drupal.org for more information, or learn more about our work with Drupal here.

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