Our focus is always on your goal

We work closely with our clients from Day 1. We regard ourselves as your partners, guiding you through every step of the development process – from the initial ideas right through to the long-term upkeep of your digital product.

Our planning tool

Our approach

Your idea

We’ll sit down with you to begin with, talk and find out if we’re right for each other. Then discuss whether you want to place your project in our hands.

Discovery Phase

This phase is all about determining the general direction things should take – taking a close and careful look at your business, your target audience, and technical feasibility.

Set-up phase

Once priorities have been determined, we can start creating work packages, developing user stories,
assessing levels of complexity, and planning sprints.


During the sprint itself, the team meets for daily stand-ups and works with a clear focus on the sprint goal as it’s been defined. This will include UX and UI design, frontend and backend development, and QA.

Check phase

We work in an iterative way, meaning we can present interim results and test individual features at regular points throughout.

Our agile approach to work

Scrum, Kanban, GTJD – there are various agile frameworks out there. At Factorial, our agile project management makes sure that all goals, tasks and work packages are transparent and accessible – for all project stakeholders, all of the time. We have plenty of experience here from working on countless projects for clients. And here’s what we’ve found works most effectively:

john explaining something

Sprint-based work

Sprints divide up a project into neatly defined stages and regular cycles, serving as a robust framework for the development team.

Transparent processes

We hold review meetings at the end of every sprint with all stakeholders present. This guarantees transparency for all parties and gives the client an insight into the real status of the project.

Direct communication

We make sure our clients are involved in projects – and that we communicate with them directly. Often, picking up the phone is the best way to deal with a particular issue, before it becomes a problem..

Long-term product development

Our clients work with us over many years. And together we develop projects to such a sustainable standard that they continue thriving long into the future.

Our project management

Here at Factorial, project management forms the central interface for any project. The project manager is the face to the client, as well as the coordinator of the development team. In this key mediator role, they make sure the process behind the project is consistently clear and well documented.

And, whatever they do, they always keep their eye firmly on the end goal – even if that goal shifts
along the way.

Project Management