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A common website architecture

stellenwerk is a careers platform for students and young professionals. It is officially partnered with 18 universities throughout Germany, providing each of them with their own portals. The career platform’s portals have up to 2.6 million online visits a month in total. 

Our job was to optimise the platform’s architecture with its 15 individual domains – to lay foundations that are secure and stable enough for the future expansion of stellenwerk. The idea too was that a made-over design could lead to more intuitive use and that optimised user flows would result in a higher UX. Another objective was to extend multilingual usage to the entire platform.

Reconceiving the check-out flows and back office for customer service was to provide an interface for creating and configuring job ads. This also means that the publishing process in the system can be guaranteed for both the same and different content, depending on the platform. With a view to reducing the time and effort involved for corporate customers, additional features were to be integrated to enable self-management – also reducing the workload for the customer service team in the process.

Creating clarity with structure

In order to optimise the workflows for stellenwerk, most of which had been completed manually up to this point, the relevant data had to be made available for in-house accounting at the company. Work on the project involved high security requirements on the client side, due to the fact that stellenwerk acts as the official partner for German universities.

Another challenge was the Drupal Commerce Integration with the adaptation of several different product variants for each region and platform, as well as ensuring a seamless connection to a payment service provider. The platform remained accessible while all of these adjustments and new functionalities were being added. Data migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 was also implemented.

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Creation of a self-management tool

The newly created responsive tool now ensures a standardised service when it comes to corporate customers managing their own job ads. Invoices can also be managed using the tool, and an intuitive website interface makes the content easy to understand and transparent. Other new features like the simplified targeting of new job listings by region represent individual solutions that all corporate customers using the platform can benefit from. 

It’s also possible now to compile and book bundles. This way, all invoice processes can be transferred to the customer with a self-management approach, thus ensuring maximum flexibility. The new user interface is structured in an easy-to-understand way and is intuitive to operate. 

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