Factorial Xmas 2022


…for another exciting year with Factorial

The year 2022 is drawing to a close and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. For the trust you have placed in us, the strong cooperation and the inspiring exchange. We are proud of what we were able to accomplish in 2022 together with you and a great team, despite the challenges. Together, we look back on an exciting 2022.

2022 in numbers


new projects
Occhio, Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency, starts 2023), FTA Film- und Theaterausstattung GmbH, Table.Media, DZ4, dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur


new services
Ranging from user experience & user research to Strategy, Data Analytics and Solution Architecture.


new team members
project management, frontend development, backend development, ux design, ux research, digital strategy


events and community meetups
CSS Days Amsterdam, DrupalCamp Spain, UX Barcamp Hamburg, Beyond Tellerrand conference Berlin, DrupalCon Prague, Drupal 10 release party Hamburg


awards and certificates
Drupal Splash Award Germany and Austria 2022, category education, Family seal of the city of Hamburg

Image showing the Managing Partner of Factorial

positioning and purpose

Only those who know found their identity can position themselves correctly. At Factorial, we develop custom software solutions and help organizations build foundations for the future. For us, 2022 was all about self-discovery — from values to vision. It is an exciting journey that is not over yet.

But this much is certain — we continue to move towards becoming a partner in digital excellence in all areas. To this end, for example, our UX & UI design team has grown significantly in 2022. We also expanded our knowledge in SEO and Analytics — all with the goal of offering our partners an even more comprehensive service.

Image showing the award ceremony of the 2022 edition of splash awards

New achievements

At this year’s Splash Awards Germany and Austria on November 10, all three of our submitted projects received a place on the winners’ podium. In addition to two runner-ups, our dpa-Factify project won the Splash Award in the Education category. You can find more information about the winning project in our blog.

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New projects


This year we continue our cooperation with Occhio, the European market leader in the field of high-quality design lumineers and lighting quality. Dynamically growing and supported by an enthusiastic team, the Occhio brand is now synonymous throughout Europe with lighting quality, high-quality design and an incomparable Joy of Use. We have been working on the relaunch of the Occhio website for 3 months now, contributing frontend and backend services in coordination with the concept and design agency. As part of this collaboration, we also created a new frontend stack based on a minimal setup, rendered exclusively in Drupal on the server with no overhead.

Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency)

For the Federal Environment Agency, we are working with scientists over the next two years to develop an online scoring tool for data and information collection and self-evaluation of climate adaptation activities for all municipalities in Germany (~10,800). Here, we provide early conceptual support and develop a prototype as well as the final version of the tool. The Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE) is the project leader here. This project is commissioned by the Federal Environment Agency as part of the departmental research plan (research code 3722 48 105 0) and is financed with federal funds.

Image showing the logos of Hochschule Macromedia, Hamburg Coding School, Open-Source Business Alliance as well as the OpenCampus logo

New partners

Our network of partners has expanded this year! Since 2022, we have been a member of the Open Source Business Alliance, which is committed to sustainably anchoring open source software and open standards in public awareness for a digitally sovereign society. In addition, we have joined forces with the Hamburg Coding School and the Hochschule Macromedia to support young talents in the field of software development.

In the area of ‘Higher Education’, we have also joined forces this year with the company OpenCampus, whose concept for educational institutions enables the digital management of university processes and student support. We are very happy about this partnership and look forward to future joint projects!

Image showing the Factorial team on their visit to DrupalCon Prague 2022, holding the lille rooster mascot.

Events and community work

With the slow decline of the pandemic and the associated return of live events, 2022 also saw the start of increased use at various industry events for us. In addition to CSS Days in Amsterdam, we also attended Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Berlin and DrupalCon Europe in Prague. We also attended DrupalCamp Spain and have been actively working to revitalize the local Drupal community in Hamburg by hosting regular Drupal User Groups. We will continue this important community work in 2023.

Representatives of the Esche are holding up the donation check that we at Factorial handed over to the organization.

Your help is needed

The effects of the ongoing Corona pandemic, as well as Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine and the related energy crisis, have greatly affected society. Only through consistent cohesion are we collectively able to deal with these special circumstances. Numerous charitable projects have made it their mission to support those who need help.

Just like the Esche in Hamburg Altona which we were able to support last year in creating recreational opportunities for children and young people in Hamburg there are other organizations that depend on support in order to continue their enormously important work. Especially in the winter months special help is needed due to the cold temperatures and with your support you can make a valuable contribution. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to point out the numerous projects that urgently need help. It is also possible to send postage-free packages to Ukraine via DHL in order to support.

Image showing the Factorial team standing at the coastline in Ericeira, Portugal

Off to an exciting 2023

The year of the rabbit — longevity, peace and prosperity.
In this sense, we wish you — in the name of the entire team — magical holidays and a happy new year 2023!