March 6, 2020

Social Impact and Test Driven Development (TDD).

We sent a team to the Vue.js Amsterdam and Frontend Developer Love conference. In an ongoing series, our team is sharing what their takeaways are. Today, Lisa Altekrüger continues with: Social Impact and Test Driven Development (TDD).

Hack your future


Vue.js Amsterdam was my first Tech conference — a good one to start off. Before I go into my favorite Tech talks I want to mention two inspiring talks beyond coding.

The talk Refactor your life by Noer Paanakker & Sima Milli is about a coding school to help people who don’t grow up as privileged as we do and help to open doors for a brighter future for everyone.

The other talk Climate change and the tech community by Callum Macrae shows once again that everyone on the planet has a responsibility to think about CO2 and how to reduce it. Go green and check how your website is affecting the planet.

Test-Driven Development with Vue.js by Sarah Dayan.

Test-Driven Development with Vue.js

This talk is definitely going to change my quality of code. She showed how TDD makes everything easier. Instead of writing tests by examining all bits and pieces of a finished project, and trying to guess what you should cover, you’re doing the opposite. You’re starting from actual specs, a list of things that the component should do, without caring about how it does it. This way, you’re ensuring that all you test is the public API of your component, but you’re also guaranteeing you don’t forget anything. I am definitely going to follow her example!

Scalable Vue Graphics for the Modern Web by Dima Vishnevetsky.

Scalable Vue Graphics for the Modern Web by Dima Vishnevetsky

The Talk was inspiring and gave loads of great examples and libraries for using more SVG’s. Something so simple and powerful at the same time.

What’s changing for me? When I have to decide what format I am going to choose it’s gonna be SVG and it’s a great tool to pimp your design with little effort. Go SVG.

How thinking small is changing software development big time by Sander Hoogendoorn.

How thinking small is changing software development big time by Sander Hoogendoorn.

This talk makes you rethink and focus on the small things to improve your work progress in a fast changing world. More precisely this means things that were not possible five years ago come into reach. To stay on track organizations and its employees need to adapt faster, easier and better to keep up with new competitors and technologies. As a result, every aspect of software changes towards smaller. What applies to organisations also applies to each individual employee. So go smaller starts with your own work.

Lisa Altekrüger

UI/UX Designer